I say scam because I feel that the city of Los Angeles totally scammed it’s population, here’s why.

We here in Los Angeles have been hearing how the city is strapped for cash for years now.  A few points I have noticed..

  • My kids school xeroxes pages from books rather than actually getting books for the kids.
  • Some schools have a Xerox limit on paper and teachers need to supply their own.
  • This year, there is NO summer school for the kids who need it.
  • The city is putting up “no Parking” signs on the fly and giving tickets to entire blocks 2 mins after signs went up (my street)
  • I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a pothole to get fixed
  • anyway… you get the point.

And now this?

When a city can no longer afford summer school, you would think that a big party for a performer’ death by self destruction (not scientist, not doctor, not teacher, not fallen cop, etc.) would be out of the question. right? wrong.

The city of Los Angeles spent 1.4 million dollars for a few hours of Michael Jackson tributes and parade… WTF? Rumor has it that law enforcement and other city workers were paid double time to do the gig. Again, WTF?  I am so tired of politicians who are supposed to represent the general public care more about what the law enforcement and other unions think. The unions always come first, kids summer school, not even in the top 10.

So now the city is down 1.4 million and is asking for donation. The city couldn’t even get that right.

The city of Los Angeles has only received $17,000 of the $1.4 million it cost to put on Michael Jackson’s memorial – but it’s not because MJ fans are cheap … it’s because of the complete failure of the official donation website.

Seems the City of L.A. is too broke to afford a half decent web server or a staff to keep it up.

The mayor is begging for private donations and they have gottan some, but far from the 1.4 million they need to cover the bill. Seriously now, we all love MJ, but do we want to pay for a memorial we never had a choice over?

MJ was once one of the richest entertainers around. We know he blew much of that in settlements to little boys families, maybe one of them should step in and foot the bill for the man who made them wealthy. Unfortunately we all know the taxpayers of Los Angeles will pay for it in the end.

From the Mayor regarding the Michael Jackson Memorial situation:

The Office of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa released the following statement today regarding online donations for the Michael Jackson Memorial:

“After collecting more than $17,000 from hundreds of donors in support of the Michael Jackson Memorial Tuesday morning, the City’s Information Technology Agency could not handle the high volume of traffic or adequately respond to frequent and prolonged server crashes. Consequently, the City was unable to receive contributions for several hours Tuesday afternoon. The server also failed for at least 12 consecutive hours Tuesday evening, from 8:00 PM (PST) through 8:00 AM (PST) the next day, and periodically throughout Wednesday morning.

The City apologizes for the inconvenience to those who were unable to contribute to the memorial costs. The Information Technology Agency is attempting to rectify the problems.


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