"Micro cheating" includes small actions, but can they be called deception? Linda Jennings – Conspiracy Talk News

Micro cheating – Have you ever sent private messages to someone online and hid it from your partner?

Did you have a secret conversation online or did you leave hearts emojis in a friend’s Facebook post ?

According to an Australian psychologist, actions such as this could be included within the concept of ” micro cheating “, which in English simply means, small deceptions.

Melanie Schilling told the Huffington Post in Australia that it is “seemingly the small actions that indicate when a person puts their emotional or physical attention on someone who is outside of their relationship .”

Other examples he gave include scheduling someone in your phone contacts with a different name, contacting an ex-partner to remember a significant event, and sharing jokes privately.

The concept of “micro-deceptions” divides the opinions of Internet users in social networks, with some people defending the term and others calling it excessive.

Without consensus

Some users saw the funny side of the controversy and added examples of ” micro-cheating ” wondering where the line is to be drawn.

“Saying ‘uhu’ online? Micro cheating , making any woman, except your partner, feel special or appreciated in some way? Micro cheating Do you give your full attention to a YouTube video where there is a girl? idea that it is micro-cheating, “says the tweet.

The DJ of Radio 1 of the BBC, Greg James, suggested that the definition of ” micro-cheating ” is so broad that you could be guilty of it at this time.

“Did you ever send your ex a message reminding him of a moment they shared?” Micro-cheating “You can be mature enough to be in a monogamous relationship and maintain a good relationship with your ex and treasure important memories”, he said.

But some people disagreed at this point. One user suggested that remembering an ex is “dubious”, and another said that maintaining a relationship with an ex is “disrespectful”.

While for user Dureen the subject is not white or black as it might seem.

“Oh no, this is really complicated, your current partner should feel comfortable enough with the ex to make this happen, if you’re hiding, then it’s really micro-cheating,” says the tweet.

Warning sign

The American Dan Savage, author of a column on sexual and partner advice also chose Twitter to criticise the term, noting that, in his experience, it is indicative of a relationship with “controlling” members.

If your partner asked if you do ” micro-cheating “, it should be seen as a ” red flag ” in a relationship.

And he adds: “Do you know who considers these types of behaviors to be hoaxes?

Many also felt uncomfortable with the term. One person suggested that limits when it is ” micro cheating ” is different in each case.

“Good morning, ‘micro cheating’ or any other type of deception depends completely on the parameters set by the people in the relationship and nobody else, bye,” he wrote.


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