Microsoft Dynamics Trending Blogs For 2018

Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM community is significant and supportive. If your organization is looking to start its step towards Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, you would need to gather a lot of information around the software and its technologies to clearly decide if Microsoft Dynamics would work for you.

It is important that the influencers in the field be followed to learn about the new tools and updates in the software as they come. There are a number of blogs that are run by experienced Microsoft Dynamics professionals that contain tons of knowledge about the platform, right from installation tutorials and benefits, to in-depth how-tos.

We have highlighted some of the blogs that all professionals working on Microsoft Dynamics must follow-

  • Gustaf’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blog – Gustaf Westerlund is MVP, founder and CTO at CRM-Konsulterna AB, an organization that specializes in only Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Gustaf’s blog is a comprehensive collection of information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The blog covers the tiniest bit of information such as the supported browsers and the ways of deleting many records faster in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If you are someone looking for complete end-to-end information on the software, this is your destination.


  • Hosk’s Dynamic CRM Blog – From generic and creative topics like why developers should read books to the more specific and subject matter topics such as How to improve as Dynamics 365 developers, Hosk’s blog has it all. Interview questions, tutorials, how-tos are also a part of the blog. Most of the content on the blog are opinions rather than facts. The founder of the blog, Ben Hosking, works as CRM Solution Architect at Capgemini.


  • CRM Software Blog – This blog has Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 experts who provide their feedback and reviews on the various Microsoft Dynamics offerings and updates, the purpose of the blog is to help professionals select the Dynamics 365 that works for them. If you are someone who wants to know about the adoption of Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365 or are looking for reviews and hands-on feedback on the same, the blog is for you.


  • Armanino Dynamics Blog – This is a Dynamics blog run and hosted by the professionals at Armanino, and contains all that can be useful to you regarding Microsoft Dynamics software. Armanino LLP is an accounting and business firm in California. The company serves private organizations, non-profits, and public entities. The blog is a rich source of information on Dynamics.


  • Murray Fife’s Dynamics AX Tip of the Day – Murray’s blog offers one tip a day about Microsoft Dynamics AX. There are in-depth tips and detailed articles about smallest and most crucial aspects of development with Microsoft Dynamics. The blog has articles on topics such as creating one master menu, leveraging PowerBI for Dynamics AX, updating data through X++ scripts, etc.


  • Kurt Hatlevik’s AX Blog – If you are a Microsoft Dynamics professional who wants to learn the software in and out, this blog contains what you need. It has information on- using Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Common Data Service (CDS), Dynamics 365 iterative implementation, adding check-digits to number-sequences, etc.

These blogs are your one-stop shop for all the refined and firsthand information you need to operate Microsoft Dynamics better and make choices of implementation. This year, get the right information from the right sources so that you don’t get stale information that has long lost its credibility.

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James Warner is an highly skilled and experienced software and mobile application system development manager at Nex Software. He has wide experience in IT industries to develop creative business system based on Java, .Net, Python, Microsoft dynamics AX consulting, iOS, Magento and Android.


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