Microsoft said – “The mistake was thinking about the PC as the center of everything”

They say that Steve Ballmer’s screams could be heard from outside the meeting room when the board did not support Microsoft plans to buy Nokia.  In the end the companies signed an agreement of 7,200 million dollars was a complete and painful failure.

Windows represents less than 1% of the smartphone market. It seems that we will see new releases tomorrow. Of the 25,000 employees of Microsoft with the purchase of Nokia, more than half lost their jobs so far.

Redmond, however, refuse to admit that Lumia is finished. “We will continue to develop new and great devices,” wrote Terry Myerson in an internal memo. Now Satya Nadella has shown little more sanity.

“We lost the mobile  opportunity, no doubt,” said the CEO of Microsoft during the conference WSJD Live in California. “Thinking on the PC as the center of all things was perhaps one of the biggest mistakes we’ve made,” he added. “Our goal now is to grow new categories”.

Nadella sees the latest advances in augmented reality and virtual reality as a great growth opportunity for Microsoft. Hololens, says Steve Ballmer’s successor, this could be the beginning of a “final computer” based on mixed reality. “Those are the categories we want to create.”

But as they reach that point, Microsoft does not intend to give up on the mobile industry anytime soon. Nadella believes that there are certain niche markets for this platform which has unique value, such as Continuum function to convert a phone with a full Windows PC.

Microsoft has summoned the press to the presentation of new products on Wednesday. We could see the first All In one PC  Surface, portable brand and tablets renovated with the latest processors, similar to Amazon Echo device (called “HomeHub”) and the first preview of the next major update of Windows 10.



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