Holtville's unnamed tombs, reminders of border danger – Conspiracy Talk News Photo

MEXICO (Conspiracy Talk News) – Winter is hard for migrants who are exposed to the weather with temperatures of up to 10 degrees below zero that have claimed their lives last month of more than 15 people in the cold areas of the border with the United States.

In mid-December, Border Patrol agents in various regions have expressed concern about the unusual behaviour of immigrants compared to previous years in which undocumented migrants were exposed to crossing the border during the winter in the freezing desert.

“Crossing the border illegally poses multiple risks,” Del Rio Sector Patrol Chief Felix Chavez told local press.

Border Patrol agents, assigned to the Del Rio sector, rescued a group of undocumented Guatemalan immigrants in one spot, one of whom died from exposure to cold temperatures.

Within the limits of the county of Webb, the Office of Forensic Physician assured to have received the corpses of 14 people after the snowfall and low temperatures of last week.

On the Mexican side, priest Tomás Gonzalez, founder of the immigrant shelter explains this extraordinary risk-taking behavior at the border during the colder months because there are fewer border surveillance personnel in Mexico and the United States. .

“It’s what they told us when they pass through the shelter,” he warns. “This is very unfortunate because if Mexicans who are not accustomed or prepared to the change in temperature have died, the Central Americans, who come from warmer lands, are in grave danger.”


At least 30 people have been reported dead, mainly children and the elderly, due to the lack of adequate protection against the icy storms of last month of the year as well as carbon monoxide that cause poisoning in the areas poorest in the country.

On December 12, three children ages 13, 10 and 3 died in the rural area of La Loma in the municipality of Durango, in the town of Praxedis Guerrero, where the temperature at night hit minus 8 degrees centigrade.


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