Migrants located in Tamaulipas CTN News

The last 45 migrants were found on Sunday night in a safe house in Matamoros, the humanitarian crisis in southern Mexico has moved to the border with the United States. 

In the last 30 days, almost 600 Central American migrants have been located in Tamaulipas under conditions that were  overcrowded and most showing signs of malnutrition. On some occasions they were found inside cargo trucks and others were held in safe houses in the city of Matamoros.

Of all of them, only a few are Mexican and the rest are Central Americans . 

The last ones were 45 migrants from Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua, as well as one from Oaxaca who was in a safe house waiting for the buss to take them to the United States.

The actions was carried out on Sunday night and was executed by “state and federal police who came to the site after an anonymous call that said they heard crying and screaming for help,” Conspiracy Talk News was told by Luis Alberto Rodriguez, spokesman for the group Coordination Tamaulipas that coordinated the government and the army.

This last finding, brings a particularly intense weekend that shows a significant increase in the number of people trying to reach the United States illegally.

The possibility of Donald Trump launching his announced Mexico wall, and the violence in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras contributes to this. 

229 people – one Mexican and the rest from northern Central America – were located in six safe houses in Matamoros. Almost half of them are minors.

The total of rescued migrants, 128 are Guatemalan, 86 Hondurans, 11 Salvadorans, three Nicaraguans and one Mexican. Of these, 109 are minors and 120 adults, of which 41 are women.

On Sunday, another 25 were added to the 109 migrants already found in a trailer, and another 198 found a week later in two similar trucks. All these operations have left a balance of six detainees, likely responsible for the crime of human trafficking.

Several of the undocumented Central Americans said they arrived in Matamoros in trailers, some of them said they had “paid $4,000 for their transfer from southern Mexico to the border.”

The detainees and undocumented persons were placed at the disposition of the Attorney General’s Office and the National Institute of Migration, respectively, for the investigations and administrative procedures.

The sum of all the operations “gives a result of 581 liberated migrants ,  said Rodriguez, who described it as regrettable, the situation in which the migrants were. “They were badly beaten, dehydrated, without medication,” he said. 

According to the spokesperson, migrants smuggling is one of the main sources of income for criminal groups operating in the area.


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