MISSISSAUGA – Happy Birthday Mayor Hazel McCallion, Born in Port Daniel, Quebec, Hazel was a shoe in to occupy the Mayors chair in Mississauga City Hall for a longer, long time. 

She presided between 1978 and 2014, she won twelve municipal elections and was re-elected ten times. 

A very strong personality led her to the number one spot and opened eyes of those who stood in here way to deliver a better city for its residents and visitors alike.

This also earned her the nickname “Hurricane Hazel”, because of the political style she used

On February 14th, at Sheridan College, whose campus is named Hazel, the former mayor received a special tribute.

As Hazel is fond of saying, we must “do our homework,” if we want to be successful in anything we do. Throughout her career, Hazel did her homework and took the time to get it right.

When she began her 36 year tenure as Mayor, our City was mainly farm fields and fruit trees.

Today, it is the sixth largest city in Canada and an economic powerhouse with a quality of life that Hazel would say is “second to none.”


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