Mitt Romney Endorsed By Trump For Senate Run. Photo Google Images - Labeled for reuse.

In recent news, President Donald Trump has announced his support for Mitt Romney for the Senate run.

In a Twitter post on Monday, he said that he fully endorsed Romney for his upcoming Senate seat and will support him as well.

However, people have been a little shocked at Trump’s support of Romney simply because the latter is not such a big fan of Trump. He has openly criticized the current President. Previously, President also called Romney a “total joke” and now his endorsement comes as a surprise.

In a tweet on Twitter, Trump wrote, “Mitt Romney has announced that he is running for Senate from Utah. He will make a great Senator and he has my full support and endorsement”.

Romney has been in and out of the news more than one time and this time, it is because of Trump’s approval of him as the senator. Nonetheless, Romney as Senator means that the current President is backing him fully and people are in a state of shock.

Romney announced on Friday that he would run for the Senate in Utah. He also thanked Trump for his endorsement. While speaking on Twitter, he wrote, “Thank you President for your support”. He further added, “I hope that over the time of this campaign, I also get the support of the people of Utah”.

Romney and Trump have openly discouraged each other and stood against each other as well. Romney has time and again criticized Trump’s policies and stance. For instance, back in 2016, in a tweet on Twitter, he wrote, “If Trump said the things that he did about Mexicans and disabled 4 years ago, I would not have supported or accepted his endorsement either”.

Romney is however, excited to run for the Senate. While commenting on his position and stance, he said, “I have made a decision to run for the US Senate because I think I can help the people of Utah with their values and bring good to them”. He further added, “Utah is quite a better model for Washington than the latter is for Utah”.

It is surprising that Romney will be replacing the current Senator who is 83 years of age. The name of the senator is Orrin Hatch and he won back in the November election. The Senator also resigned from his post early on but Trump asked him to run for Senate again.


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