And this is where things start to get weird.

We have already commented that people love these Conspiracy  theories despite the lack of evidence. We could say that people “want to believe” as the UFO poster says on Fox Mulder’s office.

But at the same time, conspiracy theories make us miserable. Studies have found that people who believe in conspiracy theories tend to be more cynical in life, feel more powerless, and almost no self esteem.

All this contributes to a much more angry population, and conspiracy theorists are not shy about releasing his or her anger on those who do not share their vision. These kooks conspiranoicos theme Sandy Hook not only adhere to their forums. They have been defacing monuments to the victims and harassing the parents of the deceased children (you know, not telling the truth about being actors actually paid by the Illuminati).

Or ask Charlie Veitch, a theoretical old conspiracy of 911, which later changed his mind.After leaving on You tube to admit that no longer thought the 911 was an inside job, I had to hide when thousands of conspiracy theorists around the world made him a target of death threats. Someone got in touch with the mother to tell that Veitch was a pedophile and Alex Jones is calling him a sociopath.

Call us crazy, but it’s almost like conspiracy theories turn people into assholes.

Science seems to agree, by the way. An experiment in 2011 with British university students, and after with popular conspiracy theories as the 911 or the JFK assassination, asked if they would help bring them out if given the chance. Those who believed the conspiracy theories were far more inclined to say yes. And the group was also the most inclined to deceive people pursue their own purposes. After all, why play according to the rules of society if the whole thing is a scam?

And now we begin to see what may be the real thing, carcinogenic effect of all this …



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