Mosquitoes Fight Zika Virus. Archived Photo

MIAMI – Thousands of mosquitoes infected with bacteria will fly near Miami to test a new way to eradicate the insect population that transmits zika and other viruses.

The first insects will be released in the city of South Miami, according to a statement from the company MosquitoMate, based in Kentucky. 

The tests are a collaboration with the Division of Mosquito Control and Habitat Management of Miami Dade County.

MosquitoMate infects male mosquitoes of the aedes aegypti species with a bacterium that exists naturally, the Wolbachia. No breeding produced by those mosquitoes raised in laboratories with wild female mosquitoes will reach maturity.

“Male mosquitoes do not bite, and Wolbachia is not harmful to humans” they said.

Last spring a similar test was done near Key West. 

The arrival of Hurricane Irma to the Florida Keys interrupted the last weeks of monitoring of that study. 

The results are still pending.


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