India, US, Donald Trump, Bollywood – Great Best Friends?

US Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump said that India and United States would be great friends when he becomes the president!

He pledges that knowledge and information sharing between the two nations would become stronger and comprehensive. Mr. Trump believes that this information sharing is necessary to win the battle against many evil forces.

These statements were told by Mr. Trump in a sponsored event that was organized by the Republican Hindu Coalition that raised funds for those who were affected by terrorism. The event was extremely colorful. It was filled with Bollywood performances and traditional dances. The performers wore traditional costumes that were both colorful and traditional.

Trump’s Hope for the Future

Trump said, “If I am elected president, the Hindu and Indian communities will be true friends in the White House”. This is something Trump guarantees and would work upon. Adding to this statement, Trump has two magnificent real estate development projects in India.

The Other Side of the Story

Quite recently, Indian PM Narendra Modi had established a strong, friendly bond with the US president Barack Obama. It is quite evident that Mr. Obama is a good supporter of Hillary Clinton. Sources claim that Mr. Obama wants Hillary Clinton – Trump’s opponent to win the elections this year. Yet, Mr. Trump stands up and gives India a great promise.

He pledges that together – India and US can defeat all forms of radical Islamic terrorism. He believes that India and US must stand shoulder to shoulder to achieve this. Moreover, Trump says that India should share its intelligence and protect US people in their land and continue to keep them safe. He considers India as a great source of power and a friendly ally.

These are inferred from his statement – “we will be best friends”.


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