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When it comes to rubbish removal and recycling it is definitely an area of limited education. The media often put up throw away lines to make large recycling corporations look bad or outline how terrible landfill is and that something must be done.

Whilst in some cases this is true, there are often many statements that are false, yet the public believes it anyway. Waste is a huge part of society with Australians producing an average of 1.5 tonnes per capita.

However, people can be, and should be, better educated on one of life’s necessities. In order to educate those on the rubbish removal and recycling industry, here are a few myths that need to be busted:

“There is not point recycling, it goes to landfill anyway”

Recycling is integral to maintaining a healthy environment in the long run. Recycling is taken to the appropriate recycling plants and sorted into the various categories; be it wood, cardboard, paper, plastic or glass (among the many other recyclables), to be processed.

When dealing with a trusted rubbish removal company, everything that can be recycled is and nothing will end up in landfill. Recycling is becoming more and more a part of everyday lives as technologies increase and education around our world increases.

“Green waste is biodegradable, so it is OK to send it to landfill”

Green waste does biodegrade but it often happens very slowly. This is because a lot of landfill sites are anaerobic (no oxygen) meaning that there are no microorganisms alive to break own the garden junk. Additionally, the environment creates methane and if the green waste is not broken down it leaks into the atmosphere and warms the planet.

Sending green waste to landfill is not a good idea. Send it to the appropriate location so that it is broken down quickly. Alternatively, composting the garden flora at home is a great way of getting rid of the junk. Composts are rich in fungi and bacteria and will help to break down the garden flora that is collected.

“Wasting food is not a big deal”

Food waste produces very large amounts of carbon dioxide which in turn ends up warming the planet. A lot of food goes unused in developed countries due to the specific nature with which everyone wants their food. Absurdly high food regulations in regards to shape and size, and large off-cuts of meat result in up to 30 percent of foods being thrown out.

With many people in the world unable to either gain access to food, or afford it, it is terrible that so much food is thrown out in the developing world. Throwing out food further adds to our cost of living as well so it is better from a financial stand point to consume all the food that we buy.

“It is easier to do it yourself”

Whilst in a few instances this may be true, if there are lots of different classifications of waste that need to be disposed of, it’s likely that getting help will be easier. Hiring a rubbish removal company will make it a lot easier as they will come and collect the junk from the client’s home and dispose of it correctly.

A trusted rubbish removal service will be sure to recycle everything that can be by taking it to the appropriate location. Not only is everything taken to the correct location, but its saves time.

“Recycling is more expensive than sending rubbish to landfill”

Recycling can be an expensive process and landfill is definitely cheaper in the short term, but what about the long run? As recycling becomes more and more popular and technology advances, recycling is actually becoming a lot cheaper.

With land now becoming scarcer – and therefore more expensive – landfill is actually becoming a little bit more expensive. Where the real saving comes in is that recycling allows us to re-use products rather than having to produce completely new ones. This can accrue huge savings for businesses and alike whilst also benefitting the environment in the process.

So even though landfill may be the cheaper option in the present and immediate future, recycling is much better in the long run both from a financial perspective and in relation to the environment.

With the myths now busted, it is clear that junk is a major part of life. Recycling should always be sought and junk should be limited as much as possible. Hiring a professional rubbish removal company can help to ensure that all recyclables are in fact recycled and taken to the correct location whilst saving you time.


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