The Central intelligence agency chief reacts to a CFR Director using a dutiful aye, aye, sir then quickly calls for a top secret conference of all the essential federal government representatives who’ll be accountable for crucial elements of this entire upcoming conspiracy.

You Really Need to Read on, It will Blow Your Mind what Comes Next

One of these brilliant people will be the principal Central intelligence agency contact with the power to grant federal building contractors to top-secret airplane building company’s.

Now, keep in mind that the CIA sections and subsections will be separated from one another and kept on a need-to-know basis only.

Which means this contact official is told through the Central intelligence agency sections chief to build top-secret jet drones the size and style of a Boeing 767 commercial aircraft airliners, as well as customized auto guidance programs for each and every drone, in a period of 24 months.

Then this sections chief tells another individual in the conference, the CIA link representative with NIST (the National Institute of Standards and Technology), to set up or prepare two highest skyscrapers within New York, plus a 3rd smaller 47-story building, to be covertly prepped, spanning a two-year period of time, using military-grade thermite intended for remote control demolitions.

What Presidential Administration would allow such and act?

This specific long time period conspiracy, along with its component operations, is going to be tacitly validated and authorized by the newly arriving neoconservative (yes you guessed it), Republican presidential administration in the month of January, Year 2000, which is be made possible by way of a manipulated presidential political election, to assume the Federal Government Exec branch.

The brand new presidential government, under specific direction of the vice president and NOT the president, is going to secretly slip in-line with all the orders provided by the one and only Council on Foreign Relations.

Because all financing of this conspiracy is going to be supplied by means of accounts managed as well as handled through the Council on Foreign Relations & top secret accounts kept through CIA/NSA/DIA which own or operate these corporate interests since (the Central intelligence agency, NSA, and DIA buy and operate their own personal enterprises all over the world), they needed to insure that absolutely no federal government taxation appropriations comes from Congress or is included in this operation for the conspiracy.

Getting Paid For The Job Was Impossible

The federal government jet building contractors that will construct these aircraft drones inside the two-year time-frame will make use of “apparent funds” which will be guaranteed for the contracting organizations through the Central intelligence agency contact, but can NEVER be obtained by the building contractors.

To put it differently, the building contractors will without knowing utilize their very own money to construct these drones, anticipating repayment from the government, which will never ever come.

This top-secret, extremely classified, necessary arrangements were routinely accepted with a vast majority of contracting firms because these kinds of agreements has been the norm in operating methods and officially used on numerous past government agreements made with the Central intelligence agency.

So, Tell Me, Does This Scenario Seems Oddly Familiar to you yet?.

A lot like something which actually took place some sixteen years back, that was essentially blamed through the U.S. federal government on Islamic terrorists; like 9/11?.

Well, that is exactly the thing which happened, and I have detailed for you!.

The government stated in their mythological book of fictional published book in 04, they called it the “Report from the 9/11 Commission“.

Scary stuff, once you start thinking outside the box of possible scenarios.


This is an article submitted by: Jonathan Winchester

Delivered by: Conspiracy Talk News


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