The PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification is a highly regarded credential across the globe for project managers, administered by Project Management Institute (PMI). The program is for supervisor of different management projects. PMI started in 1969, and the first PMP exams took place in 1984.

This certification has a lot of benefits; individuals who possess this certificate are assets, but it is important to note that project managers have to know how to manage the available workforce and project activities.

Apart from the remuneration edge of project managers, United States Federal government demands these credential from any individual that wants to oversee any government project.

PMP certification prepares one for real life circumstances in managing project affairs. The training is in two segments: practical and theoretical. Acquiring necessitated skills will increase your value in your organization.

To get the certificate, you must be able to tender the following requirements:

  • High school diploma or associate’s degree
  • 7500 hours (5 years) of experience fronting and controlling project activities
  • Completion of 35 hours of project management education, using online classes or in the classroom.
  • For bachelor’s degree holder, the requirements differ. The differences are 4,500 hours fronting and controlling projects with the same 35 hours of project management education or training.

After fulfilling the requirements, gathering the required experience information, you have to provide your initial program application alongside with the requirement payment.  PMI institute will thoroughly examine the provided information. So you have to provide accurate and complete information. It is advisable; to check if submitted data are correct before submission. There is the tendency that, they might also contact the references you present to validate your professional experience(s). This process usually takes up to five working days.

The exam is estimated to be $400 and $600 depending on your choice. You are to answer 200 questions in four hours. 5 Areas of PMP exam are: starting the project, preparation for the project, implementation of the project, supervising and managing the project and finalizing the project.

In anticipation, study your Project Management Book Of Knowledge. You can also use five days of Its preparation course, PMP podcasts, personal study, and study groups. Discover your preference and go for it. Test yourself based on what you have studied before doing the real exam; this will help you to attend to areas that lack sufficient knowledge quickly.

After doing the exam, immediately you will know your result. There is a benchmark that PMI sets to pick those that pass.  Records have it that, 60% out of 100% applicants pass the exam on the first trial. Information about precise content areas are available on the internet for PMP test-takers to study.


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