Bad news for millions of Americans who bought into Donald Trump’s anti-establishment smoke and mirrors. This week he embraced the military-industrial complex.

“This is the most like a traditional conservative Republican I can remember Donald Trump sounding, especially on national security and defense,” said Thomas Donnelly after Trump released a blueprint calling for expanded militarization à la Ronald Reagan. “I am one of the original Never Trumpers—and unreconstructed in that regard—but taking the speech on its face you could put my name on it almost.”

Donnelly is a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a neocon forever war think tank. He has advocated sprawling invasions of the Middle East “to reshape the region’s political order” and insists the US military remain in Iraq until there is a “return of sovereignty, democratic elections, and a modicum of security,” in other words indefinitely.

Politico reports:

For months, Donald Trump has blasted Congress for excessive defense spending, calling for buying fewer of the newest fighter jets and scaling back weapons purchases pushed by “special interests.”

But on Wednesday, he was singing from the traditional GOP national security hymnal, calling for billions of additional dollars for a bigger Army and Marine Corps, missile defense systems and more ships and fighter jets. He also advocated an end to mandatory budget caps — the same ones he used to criticize as too loose.

It is the latest sign that a candidate who has alienated many bedrock Republican voters is trying to steer toward a more mainstream message that can resonate with party stalwarts and independent voters concerned about an erosion of American security and credibility on the world stage.

Trump’s embrace of the “traditional GOP national security hymnal” will undoubtedly disappoint many who believed the candidate would shift America away from interventionism and the black hole of massive military spending.

Many in the alternative media have jumped on the Trump bandwagon. They will now be forced to either recant or follow Trump down the neocon path of “creative destruction” and engineered mass murder.

In the weeks ahead, as Trump continues to merge with the establishment and conform to the neocon agenda, it will be interesting to see how certain factions of the alternative media allegedly opposed to the “New World Order” and the national security state rationalize their continuing support.




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