Staff at The Brief Encounter Café in Bellevue, Washington, said one of the customers tipped them $ 3,000 on Saturday after paying the bill for $ 39.60. Courtesy / Conspiracy Talk News

WASHINGTON (Conspiracy Talk News) – Christmas for workers in a restaurant in Washington will be much more pleasant now, after a regular customers left a big fat juicy tip, a gesture that actually made them cry.

Staff of The Cafe in Bellevue, Washington, said one of their customers tipped them $ 3,000 Saturday after paying a small bill for only $ 39.60.

So that no one would think it was some-kind of mistake, this man wrote on the back of his bill just what motivated him to be so darn generous.

“You guys do a great job! When I was 7 years old, I washed the dishes and my mother cooked in a restaurant like this. We were very poor and we did not have money for Christmas. Fortunately, this will help everyone have a better Christmas. ” He said.

That gesture made the workers cry and some said the money really needed it, according to information from First Coast News ABC.

The client turned out to be Mr.Dwayne Clark, executive director of the company Aegis Living, who every weekend has the same breakfast in that restaurant and sits in the same place.

Clark in addition left his personal cell phone number just in case his credit card company questioned the validity of this tip or transaction.

This man said he did not want to be on television, but he confirmed that the story on the receipt was true and he hopes everyone will be inspired to help others.


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