Artistic concept of Lockheed Martin SR-72.

This is your first opportunity to see the future of hypersonic flight of Boeing’s brand new Spy Plane.

The aeronautic giant Boeing, finally revealed the successor of the legendary spy plane Blackbird SR-71 of Lockheed Martin, that will be able to reach a speed five times superior to the one of the broke the sound barrier.

The goal is for the powerful supersonic airplane called “Son of Blackbird”, destined for surveillance and reconnaissance, unmanned voyage at the speed of Mach 5, approximately 3,835 miles per hour (6,171 kilometres)

Boeing says they had found the design to finally do it.

The company announced the concept of ​​the future aircraft’s undetectable radar during the SciTech forum of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics held this week in Orlando. 

The revolutionary concept is kept for the time being, in the drawing room and has not yet been approved for development, but the hypersonic head of research of the manufacturer said that the design is viable.

According to the publication Aviation Week Aerospace Daily , the first phase would include test flights of a precursor vehicle the size of an F-16 and with a single engine that would serve as a “proof of concept”.

The second phase consists of the creation of a “large-scale operational air-plane that has two engines” and has approximately the same dimension of the SR-71, 32.6 meters in length.

The strategic reconnaissance aircraft SR-71 completed its first flight in 1964 and reached a speed of Mach 3.

Design of the new Boeing hypersonic air-plane. Boeing

The old black bird was removed in 1998, when its mission was taken over by unmanned aircraft.

Since then, they thought about the need to devise a successor, a son, and that is the reason why the new concept is called “son of the black bird”.

In addition to Boeing, the Lockheed Martin aerospace group also advances in the research of designs that use turbojets. 

A model of that hypersonic spy, the SR-72, which combines a rocket engine and a supersonic jet engine that was introduced last year.

Boeing – Lockheed Martin race to make the fastest plane in the world, the fact is that the development of hypersonic flight promises to change the future of travel, exploration and military intervention.


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