A New UN Leader António Guterres Talks about alternative peaceful resolution’s of world conflicts

Antonio Guterro (the next general secretary of UN) has made a pledge for peace this Thursday. He believes that this conflict torn world requires one thing and this is of top priority. And, this is nothing but peace.

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The UN refugee chief and Portuguese Prime Minister (former) declared the need for peace to 193 members in the General Assembly. He believes that you need universal right and moral duties to make sure peace is offered to everyone. Moreover, Guterres is pulling together a brand new diplomacy for global peace. Indeed, disputes can be settled and a better future can be promised only with a strong peaceful diplomacy.

An Account on PEACEFUL Behavior

Guterres has promised that he will do everything in his power in order to archive a better peaceful planet. He is prepared to act as a trustful broker and a convener. He wishes to bring together people and resolve conflicts from Yemen to Southern parts of Sudan to Syria. Guterres strongly admits that there are days or times to fight for eternal peace and give people more faith and take part in the decisions he makes. After all, most of the world is affected by conflicts and fights between international and local communities. Though he is not aware of offsetting challenges the UN is undergoing – Guterres believes that the only fix for these problems is the route of “PEACE”.

People of all Nations!

Almost all dramatic and difficult situations can be addressed by a simple, humble discussion. There are many views to be taken into consideration. It is up to the people of every nation to present their views and thoughts in a humble peaceful none violent manner. Thompson said that Guterres showcases high levels of leadership, competence and integrity. He is undeniably one of the finest choices for this prestigious and responsible role! So many are counting on him and willing to follow his principles.


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