Nintendo will launch its most popular Super Mario Run on android in march 2017, says the company on Wednesday in a tweet.

The release of the particular comes months after the Super Mario Run, was launched on iOS in December. The game was an instant hit with the Apple users.

Racking up about 40 million downloads in the first 4 days. The game was said to be the fastest-selling iOS games in the history of the App Store.

Super Mario Run allow its users to navigate our favorite plumber through several levels, grabbing the coins and power-ups all the way.

The game is free to download, but those who want to progress beyond level 3 will have to pay $10 in order to unlock the rest of the game.

On Wednesday, Nintendo also announced that its next mobile game named the Fire Emblem: Heroes, would also make a debut at the Google Play Store and iOS app stores on 2nd of February. However, Fire Emblem is also a turn-based tactical role-playing game.


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