Nintendo’s Mustachioed Mario

What happens when the best-selling games of the history comes to the most loved mobile devices?

Well, Nintendo’s Mustachioed plumber reveals the answer!

On Thursday, almost after a decade of doing the best to stay away from the growth of tablets and smartphones, Nintendo is finally bringing the most beloved character Mario to mobile devices.

There is no doubt in the fact that people are able to play mario games on a number of portable devices made by Nintendo since the year of 1980.

But now, the release of Mustachioed Mario represents for the first time that Nintendo is ready to put out an installment for all devices manufactured by other companies- here we are talking about iPhones and iPads too.

Releasing Mario on iPhones and iPads was not an expected move for a quirky company that had created both the software and hardware under the brand name. Now, the company has finally relented on the general purpose mobile devices so as to transform the portable game players into sales.

Mario games for iPhones

Whereas, the other game publishers filled the void on the portable devices left by Nintendo, menacing to erode the relevance when counting the game properties. This also includes games like Zelda and Donkey Kong, for the new generation players.

They’ve really let their brand wilt the last few years,” said David Cole, a games analyst with DFC Intelligence. “But I think we’ve seen how strong that brand still is. There is potential to bring it back. he included.

We remain confident that the play style means that the game can be played in a wide range of locations and situations, Kit Ellis, a Nintendo spokesman.

It is an interesting decision,” Andrew Chanin, CEO of PureFunds, a New York-based provider of thematic exchange-traded funds, said of Nintendo’s pricing plan. “Players will know what they’re getting themselves into when they download the game.


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