Nintendo’s NES Classic Gets Hacked

Less than two months after the worldwide debut, The Nintendo’s NES Classic gets hacked in order to add support for many Nintendo Entertainment System games that are not featured in the Plug-and-Play default lineup console.

The gadget was released at retail in the month of November 2016. Whereas, the NES Classic Edition quickly sold out during its initial retail allotment and became one of the most sought after gifts during holidays.

Specially, designed to resemble a miniature NES, the plug and play console has a collection of around 30 built in games, which includes games like The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros and Kirby’s Adventures.

The hackers from Russia and Japan are among the first to report in terms of the successful hacks through NES classic Subreddit.

Whereas Russia’s Madmonkey illustrated the hack and its capabilities in a number of videos.

A Japanese hacker Honeylabs as also successful getting the console so as to recognize an SD card reader, leading the wealth of the modding an number of possibilities in the future.

Both the hackers have released a number of tools allowing their users to perform the hack on their own via NES classic Edition Consoles. But the platform is modding and is still in its early days and the amatuer modders should first exercise the caution when running the unsigned code.



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