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Members of the US Consulate in Guangzhou, China, have reportedly been sent back to the US on the orders of US Department of State on account of an unknown sickness or illness.

The symptoms included refereed to as “sonic attacks”, which are irregular noises and unknown pressure being formed in the head without any particular reason.

The agency also reported signs or simptoms were similar to those experienced by individuals working in Cuba back in 2016, from where they were also evacuated.

Heather Nauert, State Department Spokesperson stated that “thorough analysis of the kind of illness they were facing is underway”.

The agency also claims it “dispatched medical emergency teams to Guangzhou” so that sufferers from the symptoms could be screened and their problem could be identified.

The mysterious illness in Cuba in 2016 also involved symptoms such as sonic attacks, dizziness, hearing and visual problems and sleeping difficulty.

These symptoms have been confirmed with 24 of the government officials since they first started appearing.

The people who have returned to the US are now being sent to the University of Pennsylvania for an in-depth checkup and to confirm similarities which may exist between the two cases.

Chinese Foreign Department has openly stated that it “ensures the security and safety of all foreign workers” which come to their land, and have provided assurance that they are willing to contribute in any way to counter the problem at hand.

The Consulate is one of the five operated by United States in China, which has been confirmed by the Department of State.


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