Flags of Russia, China and North Korea in a North Korean observation post. Archived Photo – Conspiracy Talk News

KOREA (Conspiracy Talk News) – For several months, in any media that you look in, it is almost impossible not to find a story that has to do with South Korea or North Korea.

The tension in that Asian peninsula was increasing after repeated nuclear and missile tests by the North, the rhetoric of war between Pyongyang and Washington, the tightening of economic sanctions imposed by the UN and a general fear of a devastating war in the North. region .

At the beginning of the year, the temperature dropped after a rapprochement between representatives of the South and the North and the announcement that both countries would parade under the same banner at the next Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

But these are nothing but the constant ups and downs of a seven-decade conflict that began with the Korean War (1950-1953) and divided the peninsula into two enemy countries along ideological lines.

You, the readers of Conspiracy Talk News, wanted to know more about this region of the world; geopolitics, society and the origin of tensions, among other issues.  This link answered the concerns.

How real is the risk of a nuclear war with North Korea? Are Pyongyang’s threats an empty defense strategy? 

The risk has been real for some time. They could be considered empty threats if Pyongyang had not made major advances since the 1990s.

It seems that Pyongyang understands very well that an empty threat does not hold for long.

Why the USA Consider North Korea a global threat?

It all started with the Korean War, which has been in a state of truce since 1953. Technically, the war has never ended and both the US as North Korea they perceive each other as enemies.

However, when talking about “a global threat”, that has a lot to do with the northern nuclear program. The United States is concerned that North Korea will try to sell a (nuclear) weapon to groups such as the Islamic State.

Why Can’t North Korea have nuclear weapons ?

It is debatable to justify the North’s attempts to become a nuclear power based on the fact that the US He has used atomic weapons twice.

However, some scientists and politicians argue that the world would be safer and more stable if everyone had nuclear weapons in their arsenal.

The argument is that since everyone could retaliate with the most deadly and decisive weapon, no nation would think of attacking another.

What would happen if the US recognize North Korea as a nuclear power?

That’s the last thing the US would like to do with North Korea.

The entire principle of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) would collapse and all other nations would feel free to develop a nuclear program because it would be clear that a nation that succeeded in completing a nuclear program could get away with it.

Although it would not be the first case of a nation becoming a nuclear power since the NPT was signed, so far there has not been a more hostile country towards the United States. than North Korea . Say US Government officials.

Are we closer to a US war? and North Korea?

That depends on who you ask. However, many experts and government officials from all parties involved seem to agree that they are “closer” to a war than before.

There are reports that preparations are being made in the event of a war, which causes concern. According to the Sunday Times , British military officials recently visited South Korea on two occasions to outline the rescue plans of British citizens .

And, if that is the case, how would China and Russia react?

We believe that there are three possible scenarios:

  1. China and Russia abandon North Korea due to pressure from the international community and for other diplomatic / economic reasons. By not joining the North Korean side, they earn points in favor of the rest of the world. North Korea is hit by a US military attack
  2. China and Russia face off against the US in a war of powers executed by third parties, similar to what Russia and the United States. They have been doing in Syria and other Middle Eastern countries. The war stretches much longer than necessary and the entire Korean Peninsula is decimated.
  3. A total war breaks out between China / Russia vs. USA The end of the world as we know it.

Although possible, scenario 3 is not likely. The 1 and 2 are the most likely but it is difficult to predict which one could occur.


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