Photo from the Central News Agency of North Korea (KCNA) taken on December 23, 2017 and published on December 24, 2017 shows the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un during the 5th Conference of Presidents of the Workers' Party of Korea. Korea. - Conspiracy Talk News

KOREA (Conspiracy Talk News) – North Korea on Monday defended its “legitimate right” to launch rockets with space satellites and said it will continue with this type of program, considered by the international community as a covert missile test.

“Our satellite launches are a legitimate exercise recognized by the Charter of the United Nations,” and are based on “international law on the peaceful use of space,” said an article published today by the North Korean official newspaper. Rodong Sinmun.

Pyongyang will continue to pursue its “peaceful development” of space programs “in line with the international trend”, according to the article, which mentions other launches of rockets equipped with satellites this year by countries such as Algeria or Venezuela.

On February 7, the regime led by Kim Jong-un carried out its last launch of a space rocket, an action that the international community condemned as a covert trial of long-range missiles.

The test, coupled with the nuclear test conducted a month earlier, led the UN to impose new and stricter sanctions on Pyongyang.

Also, at the end of last November, Northern Korea carried out its most recent arms test, the launching of a long-range ballistic missile that would be able to hit any point of the continental United States.

This test earned Pyongyang a new round of punitive measures approved last Friday by the UN Security Council, with which it intends to further intensify the isolation of the Asian country, dry up all its funding channels and force it to sit at the negotiating table.


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