The USS Michigan nuclear-powered submarine enters the naval base of Busan, South Korea, on October 13, 2017.

North Korea again threatened on Friday October 13th 2017 with firing missiles near the American island of Guam at Washington’s military deployment in the region, the same day that the US and Seoul announced new naval maneuvers in waters off the Korean peninsula.

“We have already warned on several occasions to take self-defense measures, including a salvo of missiles in waters close to the US territory of Guam,” says a commentary from the North Korean agency KCNA, which accuses Washington of “doing constant military maneuvers and actions in sensitive areas “near the Korean peninsula.

These actions “reinforce our determination about the need to tame the United States with fire, and keep our hand closer to the trigger and be ready to take any countermeasures required,” the commentary said.

Donald Trump’s government “is trying to provoke the DPRK with actions such as deploying B-1B (bombers), aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines in the waters around the peninsula “, added this person..

The North Korean state agency issued this comment on the same day that South Korean and US naval forces announced they will conduct high-profile joint maneuvers in waters off the Korean peninsula next week to counter the growing threat of Pyongyang.

The exercises will take place between next Monday and the 26th in the Sea of ​​Japan and the Yellow Sea (known respectively as “East Sea” and “West Sea” in the two Koreas), the seventh fleet of the US Navy will be taking lead roll.

The maneuvers are intended to reinforce the “communications, interoperability and cooperation” between the two armies in the face of North Korea’s weapons development.

“These are regular joint exercises to counteract any North Korean threat and improve the cooperation of our armed forces,” South Korean Vice Admiral Jung Jin-seop, the country’s naval operations commander, said in a statement released by the local Yonhap agency.

US military assets include the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan and two Arleigh Burke class destroyers, while South Korea will provide an Aegis destroyer, naval helicopters and F-15 k, FA-18 and A-10.

The maneuvers will take place in a time of high tension in the peninsula following the interaction of warmongering, some say, between the regime led by Kim Jong-un and Trump, who plans to visit the region between the 2nd and 14th of November.

Also on Monday, US Deputy Secretary of State John J. Sullivan will begin a three-day visit to Tokyo and Seoul that will focus on coordination among these allied countries on how to tackle Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs.

Experts speculate that Pyongyang could launch in the next few days a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) coinciding with the Chinese Communist Party Congress, which starts on October 18th, or in the face of Trump’s visit to the region. Keep in mind that these are ONLY speculations and NOT Fact.


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