North Korea and Its nuclear Weapons

In the past few days, North Korea has attempted to prove itself as nuclear power. Recent test blasts and videos of Washington DC and San Francisco in ruins have raised eyebrows. Experts believe that these tests are North Korea’s ambitions to threaten the United States. Residents in major parts of Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland have started to ask a lot of questions lately. They are pondering if they should be really worried.

A Recent Test

After a series of five major nuclear tests, the secretive nation has posed nuclear threats on countries like Japan and South Korea. Currently, the United States has positioned 80,000 soldiers in these countries. However, this has not stopped Kim Jong-un from testing more missiles. For example, North Korea tested the world’s fastest missile a few days ago. The Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) is capable of traveling 5500 miles. The working ICMB system and warheads that can be handled by these missiles are a major threat towards America. When compared to short-range missiles, the long-range ones are designed with multiple engines and several flight stages. This means North Korea has all the power to survive any violent wars that might transpire in the near future.

Early February, North Korea did a major missile test. They fired a medium-range missile that traveled around 300 miles into the Sea of Japan. Moreover, the country has designed and developed a much more powerful missile that can travel at least 2200 miles. This missile can reach halfway to Hawaii. Nevertheless, the country had a tough time launching this missile, they need a little more time to iron out the bugs, which a rising majority of American is dreading should this be completed.

The Verdict

On the other hand, researchers and scientists doubt the country’s actual nuclear missile power. They are skeptical about how effective these missiles would be in a real war-front stage! Experts believe that other nations have plenty of time and an impressive record to create reliable weapons also, and much sooner. Executives say that they can and do test their very own ICMB today or anytime they want But, the results are thoroughly unpredictable to worry about .


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