North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. Archived Photo - Conspiracy Talk News

SEOUL (Conspiracy Talk News) – North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, is visiting the mausoleum which retains the actual embalmed remains of his papa, Kim Jong-il, a celebration with the 6th anniversary from his death, Northern Korean press revealed Monday.

As it is traditional on every anniversary, Kim frequented the Sun Palace within Kumsusan, yongyang, in which the lifeless body of his grandpa and founding father of this regime, Kim Il-sung, that passed away back in 1994, likewise rests in the same place.

Kim Jong-il dominated Northern Korea by ruling with an iron fist from that calendar year right up until his death back in 2011, whenever his boy or son, Jong-un assumed power over this regime.

The present Northern Korean head stated in his visit, he will certainly fight “with greater resolution” for Northern Korea to become a nation “independent politically and self-sufficient in the economic and defense”, in accordance with a short notice provided by their state media organization KCNA .

Each, KCNA and also the main nationwide papers, Mr. Rodong Shinmun, released a photograph of Kim paying homage and yet another featuring a wreath put in front on the figurines with Kim Jong-il and also Kim Il-sung.

Even so, no picture from the retinue very often accompanies Kim Jong-un had been released on every stop by to Kumsusan.

This particular absence of photographs takes place at the same time as the number 2 with the regime, Hwang Pyong-so, has not yet made any kind of open public appearance in 2 months, making numerouspeople to speculate with the likelihood it may be cleared.

Underneath the control of Kim Jong-un, one more from the regime’s leading figures, Choe Ryong-hae, ceased showing up in public places and was later on advised he ended up being sent to “reeducation” prior to coming back months later on to the general public focus.

Nevertheless, this purge of biggest impression over the Kim Jong-un period has been those of his political uncle, Jang Song-taek, killed by way of the regime back in December 2013 for activities regarded as anti-revolutionary.


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