US President Donald Trump himself was present to welcome home the three Americans detained in North Korea after their release, with the dark night sky and the American flag serving as the perfect backdrop for this momentous event.

Kim Sang Duk, who also goes by the name Tony Kim, together with Kim Dong Chul and Kim Hok-song were finally freed on Wednesday during the visit of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Pyongyang, North Korea to discuss the upcoming summit of President Trump with the North Korean leader himself Kim Jong Un.

Due to protocol reasons, the family members and friends of the three freed detainees were not there during their arrival. The men first need to debrief the intelligence officials before they head to their own homes.

Upon their landing at the Joint Base Andrews Air Force Base’s tarmac Kim Dong Chul told the media that it felt like a dream to finally be freed. Kim also added that they are extremely happy.

President Trump, with his wife Melania, told the reporters that the North Korean leader’s decision was nice, especially since it was made prior to their scheduled summit.

He added that the truth is that they didn’t think it will happen, and it is an extremely important thing for everyone to finally see the three men freed.

The presented also said that he would like to pay his warmest respects to Otto Warmbier’s family, the American that the North Koreans released as well but was already in vegetative state and died a few days later.

Following their meeting with the President, the three freed men were expected to go directly to Maryland’s Water Reed Medical Center to undergo further medical treatment and evaluation, as revealed by Lindsay Walters, the White House Press Secretary.

After he addressed the successful return of the three detainees from North Korea, Trump was also asked regarding the possibility of reaching a deal with the leader of North Korea.

Trump said that he thinks that Kim would like to do something with a plan of making his country open to the real world. He also added that if this happens, it will be a really big success. Things never went this far in the past as no relationship of this kind was formed with North Korea before.

Trump has earlier said that the release of these men was a part of the working to the denuclearization of Korean Peninsula.

Great things can definitely happen, and Trump said that this is what they are hoping for.

Aside from the President and his wide, Vice President Mike Pence was also present together with Karen Piece, his wife.

Trump also jokingly said that the arrival of the three men probably successful broke the all-time history of TV rating for 3am.

On his Twitter account, the US President said earlier that the detainees’ arrival in Washington will be quite a scene.

There were already rumors swirling about the possibility of releasing the three detainees before the summit, especially after the reveal of Pompeo’s Pyongyang visit.


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