Of all the 155 countries back in January, 20, 2017 World Happiness Report, Norway ranked first. Kevin Franklin - Conspiracy Talk News

NORWAY (Conspiracy Talk News) – The idea of ​​the president of the United States, Donald Trump, that his country receives more immigrants from Norway instead of “countries of shit” seems a distant dream.

The storm unleashed after media in his country cited him speaking of Haiti, El Salvador and Africa as “shitty countries” and expressing his frustration that no more immigrants arrive from “countries like Norway” was answered in the Nordic country.

And, of course, the response from the Nordic country was not the most positive for the wishes of the president of the United States.

” On behalf of Norway: thank you, but no thanks,” said Torbjoern Saetre, a prominent Norwegian Conservative Party politician, quoted by Reuters.

While hundreds of thousands of Norwegians emigrated to the US in the 19th century, only 502 of a population of 5.3 million people did so in 2016 , and 443 the previous year.

In some areas of Chicago it has become almost common to find closed streets with police investigating at the crime scene.

Professor Christian Christensen, an American who teaches at the University of Stockholm in neighboring Sweden, ironically listed some reasons why immigration can not happen.

“Of course, people in #Noruega would like to go to a country where people are much more likely to be shot, live in poverty, have no medical care because they are poor, do not have paid maternity leave or daycare subsidized, and has fewer women in power, “he wrote on Twitter.

“Happy countries are those that have a healthy balance of prosperity, conventionally measured and social capital, which means a high degree of faith in society, low inequality and confidence in government, ” said Jeffery Sachs, director of Development last year. of Sustainable Network Solutions that prepared the report.

Social security and health

One of the battles that President Donald Trump has had, is to eliminate the social security system of his predecessor, Barack Obama, because he considers that the so-called Obamacare is an expensive system for the government.

Americans do not have free access to a Doctor , but have to pay a generally very expensive health insurance to access consultations, medications and treatments.

In Norway, on the other hand, access to medical care is free through the National Social Security System, which covers any person who has legal residence in the territory, including foreigners.

Another contrasting social benefit is motherhood, because while in Norway a woman can be absent from her job for up to 45 weeks with 80% of her salary; In U.S.A. they do not charge a dollar, according to figures from the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Americans by law enjoy up to 12 weeks of absence from work, but can not demand that their employer continue to cover their salary and there is no federal social program for maternity, says the ILO.

Less homicides

As Professor Christensen pointed out, in the United States a person is more likely to be a victim of a homicide than in Norway.

The most recent Global Study of Homicide, of the UN Office against Drugs and Crime, showed a rate of 4.88 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants in the United States.

60% of intentional homicides in that country were carried out with a firearm, according to figures from the United Nations.

In cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants, with poverty rates above 25%, the homicide rate rises to 24.4 , according to a report by the University of Michigan’s Poverty Alleviation Initiative.

Among those who had not finished high school, Americans were among the five countries with the worst results; while among those who had completed these studies were below average.

Norway, with its eight universities and 24 free colleges, was above average in the numerical skills assessment, while the Americans were consistently below average.

Moreover, the USA was last among both those who did not finish high school and those who did finish it.


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