The failure would be affecting several Latin American countries. Archived Photo

It’s not you, nor your phone plan, nor the coverage signal. The text messaging application WhatsApp is having problems this Sunday in several parts of the world, so users have not been able to send or receive messages.

One WhatsApp user said: “You can’t blame WhatsApp everyone around the world is trying to send happy new year messages, years ago it used to be Vodafone who couldn’t cope with the traffic. It’ll be fine tomorrow.”

The failure would be affecting several Latin American countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Mexico, according to sources.

Users in Europe have also complained about the failure.

That portal that is responsible for measuring when an online program does not work, details that WhatsApp problems began to be experienced at noon this Sunday.

Its specific complaint section for this failure already has more than four thousand comments from people reporting the problem in Guyana, Spain, Peru, Egypt and others.

“WhatsApp is down. What a great way to start! “Wrote a user on Twitter using the” WhatsAppDown “tag.


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