The Science Nerd side of President Obama surfaces 

Obama is a geek and a nerd when it comes to science, and he is not at all embarrassed to admit it.


Image: CNET

His recent plans, for the White House Frontiers Conference on Thursday is the part he loves the most. He was seen beaming with excitement as he took seat in the Boeing Starliner Flight Simulator. It has tremendous gizmos and monitors shouting out with the latest technology ever.

“Your ride is here, baby. This is like the Uber Shuttle and if anybody calls, we’ll be there in five minutes.” Now imagine how excited the President was when he said this. As his trainer was giving out instructions, he enjoyed to see how the self-directed copter was like a mini drone and all tech things ever known. It showed the drone’s present path through its computer system while the buzzing lights whizzing movements made him tremendously happy.


Image: CNET

While he was proud at the breakthrough milestone achieved by the UPMC for paralyses through a robotic arm. He loved to handshake with Nathan Copeland who was the first to feel sensation through a controlled robotic arm. The White House science fair is already very sensational, with or without the Presidents interest or infatuations.

Obama believes in acknowledging different breakthroughs which is exactly what it was all about when 60 years back Russians beat us to space.

The President also has a goal to send humans to Mars by 2030 and that was exactly what he went to see in Pittsburgh as the SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft was a part of the same research in which he believes in.


Image: SpaceX .com

He was taken aback at its white capsule size as he described it like his girls Sasha and Malia being put back in the car for a long car ride.

Hence, he continues to aspire others in this type of scientific technology and has a personal vision of seeing mankind travel to deeper space on longer more permanent missions.



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