US President Donald Trump talks with his Ukrainian counterpart, Petró Poroshenko during his meeting at the Oval Office in the White House, Washington, on June 20 2017

Donald Trump’s new policy towards Cuba is less popular (13 points less) at least within Florida compared to normalization of relations that started in 2014 through his predecessor in the White House, Obama, but in addition Obama has deprived the existing president of approval, in accordance with a survey Published on Tuesday.

Thirty-four per cent of Floridians approve the tightening up of the policy towards Cuba announced last week in Miami through Trump, compared with 47% who have continued support for the past Obama deal, according to the Economic and Business Initiative In the University of Florida Atlantic (FAU BEPI).

The demographic firm of this public university based in Boca Raton (Florida) surveyed online to Five-hundred residents in the Southeastern US, asking their viewpoint on the tightening of the policy toward Cuba as determined by Trump. The survey has a margin of error of 4.3 percentage points.

The president, who made the statement Friday in a theater crowded with reps of the strong Cuban-American community in Miami and exiled Cubans, has lost popularity among Florida residents after adopting such had handed measures, say the authors. Study conducted between 16 and 18th of June.

In a FAU BEPI survey conducted in March, Trump’s acceptance in Florida had been 36% and it is now 35% and dropping fast

Worse is the effect on Trump’s disapproval, which went from 38% in March to 44% in the last survey.

The primary measure announced by Trump, the prohibition of doing business with companies connected to the Revolutionary Military of Cuba, is backed up by 43% of the respondents, whilst 25% oppose and 33% state they are skeptical.

The new restrictions on travel to Cuba have a support of 44% and the rejection of 32% of the respondents. The percentage of those with no opinion formed is 24%.

Of all the measures of this new policy in which Trump promises to “empower” the Cuban men and women and put pressure to the “brutal” regime of Raúl Castro to open up the country to freedom and democracy is to keep the embassy open in Havana , With 61% approval, 13% rejection and 15% with no opinion.

“Floridians are also shown in the survey skeptical that these Trump policies will improve the lives of ordinary Cubans”. says corespondent Chris Wick from Conspiracy Talk News.

Only 21% think it will enhance the living circumstances of the people from the island, even though 36% think it will get worse and 43% think they do not expect changes.

“On the whole, people (from Florida) are more supportive of President Barack Obama’s policy towards Cuba, while Trump’s acceptance rate continues to fall” in the state, explained BEPI professor Monica Escaleras.


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