Former US President Barack Obama during his speech at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit in the Indian capital New Delhi on December 1, 2017. Amanda Perkins / Conspiracy Talk News

NEW DELHI (Conspiracy Talk News) – Former US President Barack Obama said Friday that the power of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp is leading to “hasty judgments on complex issues” and called on political leaders to think before tweeting.

Obama received repeated questions about his successor, President Donald Trump, during a conference in New Delhi, but he merely issued a general warning to all relevant figures.

“I think it’s important to be aware of both the power of these tools and their limits,” he said when asked about the dangers of Twitter, a platform on which Trump has provoked repeated controversies.

In what was considered a subtle criticism of Trump, the first lady Michelle Obama recently asked attendees at an event to think and check facts before tweeting everything that goes through their heads.

“I think he was just giving general advice, the same advice that they heard fom their mothers: ‘do not say the first thing that comes to mind,'” Barack Obama said during the symposium organized by the Hindustan Times.

“His father and mother knew it. Listen to them, Do not do things like that. Think before you speak, think before tweeting, “he added.

Since leaving power last January, Obama speaks little of the Republican president, who is dedicated to dismantling many of the measures taken in the two terms of his predecessor Democrat.

However, this Friday Obama was more direct when it came to criticizing President Trump’s threat to exit the 2015 Paris Agreement against climate change.

“It’s an agreement that – even if we have a short break in the leadership of the United States – gives our children an opportunity to defend themselves” in the face of changes on the planet, Obama said.

Trump, who called climate change a “joke,” announced back-in June, that the US will withdrawal from this agreement. This withdrawal will however not be effective before November 2020.

This decision has been harshly criticized in his own country, where several cities and states announced that they would continue to adopt measures to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

“The good news is that in the United States there are companies and universities that continue to work to respect the commitments we have signed,” said the previous White House President, Barrack Obama.


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