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The former president of the United States, Barack Obama , today warned against the “irresponsible use of social networks” when interviewed by Prince Henry in a special program for a British station.

The grandson of Queen Elizabeth II , fifth in the succession to the British throne , spoke in a relaxed manner on several matters of interest with the former president of the United States in his role as guest speaker for broadcast today by BBC Radio 4.

The interview with Obama was recorded in Toronto (Canada) last September, during the celebration of the Invictus Games , the sporting event involving injured war veterans, and sponsored by the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II.

During his talk with Obama, with whom he has a friendship of several years, Harry asked the politician about his experience with the United States government , for his subsequent work in the Obama Foundation and for his outlook on the future.

The conversation between the prince lasted about 20 minutes , after having been reduced from the original 40 minutes.

Mr. Obama warned about the “irresponsible use of social networks”, saying that it is “distorting peoples understanding of complex issues and that leads to the spreading of misinformation.”

Without naming his successor at the helm of the White House, Donald Trump , a regular Twitter user ,Obama said that those who hold positions of power should be “careful” when it comes to spreading messages through these social channels.

The politician also reflected on the day he transferred power to the current US president, Donald Trump acknowledged that he had “mixed feelings for all the work that was still left undone . “

He indicated that he has “concern about how the country would go forward.”

For his part, Harry admitted that doing this job exceptionally was “quite fun,” especially, he said, “interviewing Obama,” even though the politician wanted to interview him.

During his participation in the special program, which lasted three hours, the Prince chose mental health issues, the charities sector and the Armed Forces as subjects for discussion, which he considered “incredibly important,  matters on which we must all think and debate more. “

The younger brother of Prince William also interviewed his father, Prince Charles, heir to the British crown, and the Spanish dancer Tamara Rojo, at the head of the English National Ballet.


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