What you are about to read will blow your minds away. Old is gold, for sure.

But in this case, old is life-giving. Many people have lost their lives battling the effects of an enemy that cannot be vanquished. But the latest news says otherwise.

There finally a way to stop the effects of breast cancer and we had it with us all along.

Chemotherapy Drug Possesses The Clue For Curing Cancer

The latest news reports say that the scientists have found out that one of the drugs that were used for the sessions of chemotherapy, actually has the clue for stopping the effects of breast cancer.

This certainly proves to be divine for those who are the victims of breast cancer, especially females as this study will possibly open the door for much-advanced medicine to treat the patients.

An Introduction To Breast Cancer: Its Working

The study was published in the Nature journal which revealed this amazing detail for people to find out.

There are innumerable types of cancer. Some are rare, while some are really common. Breast cancer is certainly one of them as most people lose their lives because of it.

But the interesting thing to notice here is that unlike other cancer, the loss of life cannot be blamed on the primary Tumor in case of the breast cancer. Well, actually it happens when cancer actually spreads widely to the different body organs.

For that, the cancer cells have to leave the primary site of a tumor and actually enter into the blood veins and stream of the body. Finally, they settle down into the different other organs and begin their growth there.

Once that happens, there are fewer chances of survival for the patients. This stage is called the metastasis. People with metastasis have lower chances of survival when compared to individuals without one.

A Solution To Stop Breast Cancer Is Here

The Center for Cancer Research UK which is in the Cambridge University of United Kingdom found something interesting with their studies.

First experimenting on mice by giving them limited doses, they found out that L-asparaginase can be used for the reduction of the cells of breast cancer.

The medicine was mixed in limited amounts with the feed that was provided to the mice and the results were found.

The working procedure explains that the medicine actually blocks the process of producing an amino acid which is known as asparagine.

This a-acid is basically produced with the help of an enzyme which goes by the name of asparagine synthase. With the help of RNS interference, the entire study was backed up. By blocking the making of this enzyme, similar results panned out thus supporting the study.

The Use Of L-asparaginase

Studies prove that L-asparaginase had its use for a long time for the treatment of children that suffered from leukemia.

The medicine came into existence during the 1950s and it proved to reduce the lymphomas growth in the body of rat models. The children that have a certain type of blood cancer somehow showed resistance to the medicine.

As a result of which, the researchers did an examination regarding the effect of L- asparaginase on the cells of breast cancer.

The study’s lead author, Prof Greg Hannon made a comment that the study has been successful in pinpointing the key mechanisms that are responsible for the promotion of the ability that the cells of breast cancer have of spreading.

With the reduction of the asparagine availability, the study showed that a tumor was less impacted. However, the ability of metastasis for the tumor cells reduced as well.

Martin Ledwick, Head Nurse, Cancer Research UK said the research proves to be an important part of developing new and better treatment methods of patients with breast cancer.

Just restricting particular foods and consulting the doctor won’t be a help. There are some other measures as well.

Speculations About The Future

L-asparaginase is certainly not the first drug that has got the potential for stopping breast cancer. There are other studies which prove that Thalidomide was also known for curing several birth-related defects when given to the mothers during their pregnancy.

One of the most researched topics is concerned with Aspirin as researchers believe it might be a potential prevention measure for certain cancer types.

With the increasing focus on the new and advanced treatment methods and medicine, this one is a reminder that we might have the solutions under our noses.


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