Deadly Shootout at Rolling Oaks Mall

2 people have been arrested as a suspect with a robbery on Sunday, after a deadly shooting at Rolling Oak Mall in San Antonio.

1 victim was shot dead, whereas several were injured in the shootout. According to the police during a press conference- the 1 men tried to rob the Kay Jewelers at the Rolling Oak Mall at around 3:30 pm.

The civilian who tried to stop the attempt was shot dead on the scene of the crime. While the other man who was legally carrying a concealed gun shot and wounded the robber who killed the good Samaritan.

The injured robber was taken to the nearby hospital later that day, but 2nd robber ran off, firing his gun and injuring people around, said the Police.

The second suspect was arrested at Sunday night as per the reports.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said:

“It’s absolutely senseless.”

People Grieved by Tweeting:


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