Cards used for a tarot reading
Cards used for a tarot reading

Have you ever felt lost, or confused about what your next step in life should be? Do you feel like you need a way to help answer all of the questions that keep running through your head? Are you confused about a situation and can’t seem to find the right direction? An online tarot reading can be a great way to help you gain clarity and insight!

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What Are Tarot Readings?

A tarot reading is a psychic reading where the reader uses the tarot cards as a guide to help give information to the querant.

A tarot deck is a set of cards, somewhat similar to playing cards, that allows a tarot reader to interpret the reading. The earliest decks used for tarot-readings were hand painted; this means that of the original decks, no two are entirely the same, and there weren’t many initial decks available. As you can imagine, this made people who could give accurate tarot readings pretty favored in the eighteenth century! Today, many of the primitive decks used for tarot-reading can be found in museums; however, no full deck from before the eighteenth century has survived. Modern tarot decks contain the Major Arcana, twenty-two cards with no suit, and the Minor Arcana, fifty-six cards, broken into four suits, which correspond to the playing cards we use today. In most layouts, both the Major and Minor Arcana are used to complete a tarot-reading. However, an accurate tarot reading does not always require many cards.

During a tarot-reading, the internet psychic may ask you to meditate on the question that you have. By focusing your energy on what you need, you are helping the psychic channel your energy into the cards. An accurate tarot reading must have your energy to be successful. During a tarot-reading, an internet psychic may need a few minutes to talk with you as he or she shuffles the cards. Since they cannot touch you, hearing your voice is a

Tarot Cards used by a tarot reader to provide answers.

great way to tap into your energy and ensure an accurate tarot reading.

It’s the reader’s job to guide the querants’ line of questioning. For example, while you may want to know when you’re going to find a job you love, asking that question directly may not give you the best advice. A better question to ask during an online tarot reading would be “What do I need to learn in order to find my dream job.” So the tarot card reader may guide you to asking a question that gives you a more informed answer.

What Will a Tarot Reading Tell Me?

Everyone reaches a point in their lives where they just aren’t sure which way to go. Maybe you’re unhappy in your job, or you are thinking about moving to a different part of the country. Perhaps you are trying to meet your soul mate. Perhaps you feel afloat, like you don’t have any goals. An online tarot reading can help you make these decisions.

Sometimes, we have unconscious feelings about an upcoming decision; we may not have yet realized what those feelings are. Perhaps you are afraid of change, or you are worried that any decision you make will negatively impact someone else. A good psychic can use a tarot-reading as a way to help you intuit your feelings about this decision.

An online tarot reading gives you the opportunity to make a deep connection with the person performing their tarot-reading. It’s not uncommon to see clients using the same internet psychic for years. Not only does the genuine psychic become intimately familiar with your life, they become an excellent, unbiased third party. During a tarot-reading, they can get to the heart of your issue. Because they have no pre-conceived notions of you or any agenda regarding your life, they are often the perfect person to help you find the clarity you desire. Their tarot card predictions can be instrumental in helping you achieve certainty about your future. Sometimes, hearing the truth is painful, but it helps when you know that it’s coming from an accurate tarot reading that reflects your own heart. Genuine psychics have no need to sugar coat your reading.

Different Types of Tarot Readings

For a tarot-reading, a good psychic may use one (or more) of several types of layouts. An in-depth tarot-reading is, at heart, an exchange of energy. You channel your energy to a genuine psychic when you begin the process of getting an online tarot reading. A good psychic interprets the cards, using his or her energy to bring you the information that you need to have from your tarot-reading. Their energy does not impact the tarot card predictions, but it can be useful to help you receive news that might not be what you expected to hear.

There are several different types of tarot readings. Here are a few of the most common types:

Love Spread – The love spread is definitely one of the most famous of the tarot card spreads. It seems like everyone wants to know about their love life at some point! This six card spread helps to define you and your partner, and can help you communicate better, as well as help you figure out how to improve so that you attract the sort of lover you are looking for! The cards break down pretty simply:

  1. This card represents you. It shows how you feel about your relationship or your outlook on a partner
  2. This card represents your partner. It shows his emotions about the relationship, or expectations about future relationships
  3. The connection card! What brings the two of you together.
  4. What are the strengths in this relationship?
  5. What are the weaknesses in the relationship? While this may not point to specific wrong-doing, it often gives a direction to help those who are striving to build a stronger relationship, or make sure that their next one is built on a stronger foundation
  6. True love: what needs to be addressed to make this relationship successful for the long haul.

The Career Spread – Have you ever been unhappy in your job? I think that’s something most of us relate to. The Career Spread can help you answer job-related questions. Here’s the layout for those cards:

  1. The first card tells you if your current job is the ideal job.
  2. This card tells you which actions you should take you further your career
  3. The third card explains which parts of your career are influenced by forces that are beyond your control.
  4. This card shows us the level of performance you’re currently giving.
  5. This card tells you things you need to improve, based on the fourth card.
  6. The sixth card explains if there’s a block in your past that is impeding your career.
  7. The final card tells you the result that should happen if you follow the answers given in the prior cards.

The Simple Question Spread – This is great for a quick piece of advice. The beauty of the three card spread is that it’s flexible; most readers interpret the three cards to be past, present, and future, but that is not necessarily what is noted. This spread can give an in-depth answer to a question.

The Spiritual Guidance Spread – Ever feel like you’re getting a message from a “higher power” but you can’t quite figure out the meaning? Feel like it would be much easier if you had an translator? This nine-card layout can help!

  1. This card represents your primary concern, question, or issue.
  2. This card shows your motivation in your quest for guidance.
  3. The third card shows the areas in your life that you are unhappy with.
  4. The fourth card shows you events in your life that you are not aware of.
  5. Card five is your advice card. This is the helpful interpretation of the message.
  6. This card identifies your worries, and how to move forward from them.
  7. This card helps you to find the positive in your situation.
  8. The eighth card wraps up your possible results.

The Celtic Cross Reading – This reading is best for more complicated situations; anytime you find yourself at a crossroads, or feeling like it’s all falling apart.

Celtic Cross Tarot-Reading Layout
Tarot-reading using the Celtic Cross layout
  1. Represents your current situation.
  2. This card represents what is helping you or holding you back. Often referred to as “the thing that crosses you.”
  3. Subconscious influences.
  4. This card represents your past. It could be past issues that are impacting you now, or a good event that needs to be reflected on.
  5. This card indicates your conscious influences. Things you know you want. This is a good guide to where you should be putting maximum effort.
  6. The sixth card shows your path.
  7. Card seven indicates your attitude.
  8. Energy from those around you. If you’re surrounded by negativity, that may play out in your effort or attitude. Conversely, if you surround yourself with people who have positive energy, you are more likely to be successful.
  9. The revelation card. This card shows something you should be aware of.
  10. The last card reveals your final outcome.

Where Can I Find an Online Tarot Reading?

An accurate tarot reading is a great thing! However, it can be challenging to find someone nearby who

A psychic uses tarot cards for an online tarot reading.

does tarot-readings. You can use an online service such as Thumbtack or Yelp to find genuine psychics near you, but there’s no guarantee that a reader will be nearby. For some, the nearest place to get an accurate tarot reading is hundreds of miles away.

Even if you find someone who offers accurate tarot readings near you, it may take awhile to be able to get an in-person appointment. Many psychics who provide face-to-face tarot card predictions are booked months in advance. Despite what we see in movies and television shows, you usually can’t just walk into a psychic’s shop and get a tarot-reading right away.

With an online tarot reading, your wait is generally much shorter. Because internet psychicsusually work out of their home, you are more likely to find someone who is available when you are. Online tarot readings often aren’t scheduled as tightly as in-person tarot sessions, so you may have more time to get more in-depth questions answered.

The convenience of being able to get an online tarot reading whenever you need to makes an internet psychic a hands-down winner! Here’s a list of our partner sites!

Oranum – Register to chat with a psychic on Oranum and get $9.99 in free credits!
Kasamba – Kasama offers three free minutes to new clients!
Psychic Source – At Psychic Source, new customer rates are as low as $1.00/minute, plus you’ll get three free minutes free!
Asknow – Asknow lets you connect to psychics via phone or online chat, and includes 5 free minutes with your first reading!
Keen – Keen has been connecting querants to online psychics for years now! Their three free minutes deal set the standard!

How Much does an Online Tarot Reading Cost?

The cost of online tarot readings can depend on many factors. Some tarot readers have years of experience; of course, they are going to charge more. Experienced psychics who are in demand can charge a premium for their offerings. Some newer tarot readers often set lower rates as they build feedback and develop their customer base. On our partner sites, you can find tarot readers with a variety of experience levels and rates.

Fortunately, our partner sites have some incredible introductory offers. You can find psychics that offer three free minutes on Keen. Kasamba psychics offer a reduced rate for your first session. When you choose a psychic on Oranum, you can get up to $9.99 in credit!

How Accurate are Online Tarot Readings?

It’s easy to scoff at the idea of a tarot-reading. It seems strange that tarot cards can predict the future. After all, if we could predict the future, wouldn’t we act to stop bad things from happening?

While it may seem like tarot card predictions would give us an easy way to see what’s happening in the future, sometimes, we get in the way of our own actions. How many times have you known you should do something one way, but you do it another way because you’re stubborn-or certain that you will be right? When it turns out that we’re wrong, we have only ourselves to blame. Because we have free will, we control the outcome of our lives, despite what advice we may get from tarot card predictions.

What kinds of questions could you have answered by an online tarot reading?

The cards provide a glimpse into your future. You may find yourself asking ‘are tarot card predictions true?’ That’s not a simple black and white issue. Let’s say you’re conflicted about whether to take a new job. The new job means more money, and it will further your career. However, your current job is great. You love the people that you work with, and you look forward to going to work each day. The energy that you channel into the cards may say that you should stay with the current job. If your company goes out of business in six months, forcing you to take the new job, then your reading wasn’t wrong. Instead, the tarot-reading gave you a glimpse into the immediate future based on the energy that you had going on at the time!

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