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Doug Ford’s win this past weekend as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario could have repercussions for Canadians across the country, not just in his one province.

If elected as the next PM of Ontario, Ford could cause some big issues for the Liberal federal government. He strongly opposes the carbon tax and has shown himself to be a bit unpredictable. He message of cutting taxes, taking down the “elite” and standing up to the federal government is what seems to be making him a very popular man.

The Liberals

Kathleen Wynne who currently leads the Liberals, which have been in power in Ontario for 14 years. Her approval rating is under 20 percent and the most recent polls put the Conservatives as winning the next provincial election. This is the perfect time for someone like Ford.

If he does win, he will certainly bump heads with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Doug Ford and his family have expressed their unapproving opinions about the prime minister many times. Not only does it appear that political opinions will be an issue between them, but perhaps personal ones as well.

Populist Shift

All four of the Ontario PC candidates said that they did not want to impose a carbon tax, but no plans were given on how to stop this. The government has said that if provinces don’t submit their own carbon pricing plans by the end of this year, that they will do it for them.

Some People are predicting that there is starting to be a populist shift in Ontario that is going to continue into other parts of Canada. Many people are starting to compare ford to United States President Donald Trump, who won the election after a surprising amount of conservatives and independents voted for him after it was predicted that he would lose.


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