"Pablo Escobar" of Ecuador is extradited to USA Google Images

The drug boss “Pablo Escobar” accused of smuggling 250 tons of cocaine over the last ten years, has been extradited from Colombia to the United States of America. 

According to prosecutors, Washington’s Prado Alava of Ecuadorian nationality known as Pablo Escobar, conducted drug operations around the American continent.

He is also accused of having issued an order for the murder of judges, prosecutors and police officers in Ecuador.

In Colombia, Alava was the notorious Medellin cartel leader who was killed in 1993. Although it should be really hard to fill those shoes.

It has been learned that the Ecuadorian has been trying to become part of the rebel group Farc before the 2016 peace agreement was signed. His goal was to benefit from the justice system, which had been signed between the government and Farc for the crimes committed by the rebels during the five decades.

“Washington Prado Alava is considered to be one of the biggest strands in recent years and has been a major target for the United States,” the Colombian prosecutors said.

Prado Álava operated on the banks of Ecuador and Colombia.

He had created a fleet of trucks, with whom he regularly sent cocaine to Central America and Mexico, and the drug were sent to the US border.

The drug boss was arrested in April 2017. He was trying to visit his family in Colombian city of Cali. Colombian authorities said that during the operation of his extradition had 50 agents to make sure he did NOT getaway.



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