Package Explodes at FedEx Headquarters Google image - labeled for reuse

The plot thickens, as a package bomb exploded today in downtown Schertz (Texas) of the FedEx logistics company and allegedly wounded an employee.

The bomb, according to the first versions, contained shrapnel and needles. The police are still linking the explosions with the enigmatic series of attacks, in the last two weeks leaving two dead and four wounded in Austin.

Unlike the previous ones, it did not explode in Austin, but in a logistical center to 100 kilometers, and the victim was an employee of a Fed X parcel company.

The first bomb packages were left at the doors of houses and had well-defined objectives. On Sunday, this pattern changed and two pedestrians who toured a residential area fell pray to an explosion of a device operated by cable or trip-wire.

The fact that the first victims were black, made one think of a racist attack, but Sunday’s attack, aimed at randomly selected white victims, weakened this hypothesis.

” Is this terrorism? Is it related to hate crimes? As we said from the beginning, we are not willing to classify this as terrorism or a hate crime simply because we do not know enough, “said police chief Brian Manley.

The only clear fact at the moment is that he or she is a serial attacker who, according to the investigators, is sending a message.

Which? Nobody knows what it could be, but an army of FBI agents is working 24/7 to find-out and get him, her or them. 

The continuity of the explosions and their indiscriminate nature have unleashed panic in the city.

The authorities have called for calm and have offered $115,000 for any leads. But each new outbreak deepens the fear and the mystery.


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