Members of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan, the Islamist political group, collect in a sit-in within Rawalpindi, Pakistan November 17, 2017. CONSPIRACY TALK NEWS /ANDY LIEBERMAN
ISLAMABAD (Conspiracy Talk News) – Pakistan’s authorities Friday released one last warning to people of the hard-lined Islamist party that have obstructed a primary path to the capital ever since a week ago, increasing concerns of another violent conflict are quickly arising since they will not move.
Many hundreds of followers from the Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan party happen to be blocking the path to Islamabad for almost Ten days now, demanding the minister of legislation be fired and replaced for what they believe to be “blasphemy”.

“You are all receiving a final notice,” Islamabad commissioner stated within the order.

A judge has currently directed the party to absolve this demonstration, a court order directed. “This will be the very last announcement, all of you are now being warned to terminate this unlawful sit in, instantly.”

Tehreek-e-Labaik places blame on the minister, Zahid Hamid, for making modifications to a electoral pledge which it claims comes down to pure blasphemy. Government entities try to shift the problem and label it as a result of some unforeseen clerical mistake.

Pakistan’s blasphemy laws has turned into a lightning-rod for Islamist’s, particularly since 2011, when the liberal governor of the Punjab province, Salman Taseer, ended up being killed by his own body-guard for just questioning this law, which calls for the actual death punishment for putting insult to Islam and the Prophet Mohammad.

A spokesperson with the Labaik party, Ejaz Ashrafi, declined to conform with this actual order, saying that “We are not moving,” this individual informed CTN NEWS by telephone from the sit-in.

A govt official, Khalid Abbasi, stated that the demonstrators have setup pickets en route that they’re occupying, these pickets are operated and manned by party members holding metal rods and only sticks. Given that they now received the actual forewarning, he explained, many hundreds of additional party individuals have joined up with the sit-in.

Fearing physical violence, government entities have blocked a number of roadways using shipping and delivery storage containers in order to corral the demonstrators, however that has only resulted in many hours of long traffic problems within the main city.

Back in 2007, a conflict involving government bodies and proponents associated with radical preachers in an Islamabad mosque resulted in deaths in excess of 100 men and women.

“All methods may be used to split this particular sit-in,” deputy commissioner’s forewarning explained.



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