Funeral services have started with regard to the 17 Palestinians exterminated by Israeli troops when many thousands walked close to Gaza’s borderline with Israel so as to mark the 42nd anniversary for Earth Day..

Palestinians within the blockaded Gaza Strip had the memorial service late Friday.

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This person was actually shot earlier on in the day shortly after Israeli soldiers shot live bullets on protesters and also made use of teargas so as to press all of them back out of a highly strengthened barricade when these people started a prepared six-week protest asking for the right for returning for refugees.

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The Palestinian Department of Health, say more than 1,400 were actually injured at the protest that celebrated Earth Day, which originates from March 30, 1976, whenever 6 unarmed Palestinian residents from Israel have been murdered by Israeli forces in the course of demonstrations in opposition to the Israeli authorities move to take over enormous regions from Palestinian-owned land.

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Mohammed Najjar, 25, was actually shot in the belly at the time of a confrontation on the eastern side of Jabalia in the northerly Gaza Strip, while Mahmoud Muammar, 38, as well as Mohammed Abu Omar, 22, were each shot dead inside Rafah.

Amongst the various other casualties are Ahmed Odeh, 19, Jihad Freneh, 33, Mahmoud Saadi Rahmi, 33, Abdelfattah Abdelnabi, 22, Ibrahim Abu Shaar, 20, Abdelqader al-Hawajiri, Sari Abu Odeh, Hamdan Abu Amsheh, Jihad Abu Jamous, Bader al-Sabbagh and Naji Abu Hjair, whose ages continue to be not known.


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