The FBI does not mess around with the dark web, and for fear that a group of hackers can operate outside the law, the Bureau’s forces have a way of finding them.

Another thing is that the FBI will NOT reveal to the prosecution its secret to convict those alleged offenders.

This is what has happened in a case of pedophilia, reports the CTN News – Conspiracy talk. The FBI gave Tor (the browser that can access the dark network) to a page called Playpen that was devoted for child pornography.

After reporting the facts, the man responsible for the page was brought to trial, which remained operative for another 13 days to try to identify more users. However, shortly thereafter the courts dropped the charges because the FBI did not want to reveal It’s hacking methods.

And although the prosecution has tried to continue with the prosecution, the alleged pedophile will be released this week because of the lack of conclusive evidence.

“Since the government still does not want to give detailed information on this certain discovery related to the development of a ‘network research technique’, we have been deprived of the necessary evidence to establish the guilt of the defendant Jay Michaud,” said federal attorney Annette Hayes in the ruling of the sentence.

Although the closure of the Playpen website is good news and has allowed 200 users to be identified, FBI methods are in the spotlight, not only because they hide the methods from other government agencies, but because they have consequences if the general public was to get hold of the system or method used by the FBI.

Last February, the discovery of a large file of child pornography by an amateur hacker ended with a massive attack that knocked out 20% of the dark web infrastructure.



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