Us Navy underwater drone

The Pentagon ordered China to return a U.S Navy Underwater drone, which was seized in the international waters in the South China Sea. Expectedly, a confrontation on the issue is likely to worsen the situation where China is expanding its military installations declaring greater control.

It is also being said that!

A Chinese warship is shadowing the Bowditch (a naval vessel from US), somewhere in the international waters of South China.

As per a report, China launched a boat and seized the robotic underwater drone, said Pentagon. And now, China is ignoring the radio demands from USA to return the seized drone.

The motive behind the move is not clear yet. Whereas, according to analysts it may have been a response to the criticizing comments by the President-elect Donald Trump towards China.

Regardless of the reason, it is said that the capture marked a leave from the past Chinese actions as it occurred within the Philippines’s sole economic zone.

The Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said in a statement on Friday

We call upon China to return our UUV immediately, and to comply with all of its obligations under international law,

China had no right to seize this vehicle,” McCain said. “And the United States must not stand for such outrageous conduct.

McCain continued

This behavior will continue until it is met with a strong and determined U.S. response, which until now the Obama administration has failed to provide,”. Freedom of the seas and the principles of the rules-based order are not self-enforcing. American leadership is required in their defense.

In an interview held at White House on Friday, President Obama was asked about the issue, and he cleared that he viewed all the questions in terms of Taiwan, keeping the consequences in mind.

As the President eschewed from criticizing Donald Trump directly, he warned his successors to consider Trump’s actions on a serious note.

I think all of our foreign policy should be subject to fresh eyes,” Mr. Obama said. He added “For China, the issue of Taiwan is as important as anything on their docket. The idea of a One China is at the heart of their conception of a nation.

Whereas, there are no responses from Mr. Trump or from his transition team on the matter, till now.


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