Pentagon takes away the wind from Putin's sails Image from google images labeled for reuse

WASHINGTON – The Pentagon has shown skepticism with the speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who boasted of having developed an arsenal of enormous destructive power and a cruise missile “invulnerable and having unlimited range.”  

After 10 days since the incendiary speech before the Federal Assembly, the United States believes that the Russian military potential remains the same, and that what Putin said does not contain any real advances.

“Nothing he said imposes a change in our deterrent system,” said Defense Secretary Lt. Gen. James Mattis.

The Pentagon chief explained that he had carefully read the Russian leader’s statements: “I focused on the last third, because the first two dealt with domestic matters.

“The result of the analysis was “disappointing, but without surprises”. 

“My task is to offer strategic conclusions, and from what iI have seen, there are no changes in Russian capabilities. The new systems that Putin speaks of, are years away and do not impose a revision of the military balance. 

Nothing changes except the money they want to spend on something that does not alter the strategic balance at all, “said General Mattis, before leaving for a trip to Oman.


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