Newspapers with the portrait of the former Peruvian president 2001-2006 Alejandro Toledo on the covers Ptro Romerez CTN News Photo

Peru hopes that US President Donald Trump will deport former President Alejandro Toledo, who will be in San Francisco, California, and is wanted by Peruvian justice for allegedly receiving bribes from construction company.

The Peruvian ruler, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, was in communication with Trump on Sunday, among other things, he asked him to study the possibility of deporting Toledo to be tried in Lima.

“President Kuczynski asked Donald Trump to evaluate the option of deporting Toledo to Peru in order to bring him to justice, within the framework of the immigration law of the country, to the Department of State.” The Presidency reported.

Peruvian justice issued an international arrest warrant and 18-month pre-trial detention for Toledo for allegedly receiving $ 20 million from Odebrecht to favor it with the construction of the inter oceanic highway linking Peru with Brazil.

Peru suspects Toledo, a visiting professor at Stanford University, is in San Francisco (west) and offers $ 30,000 to anyone who helps capture him.

He is accused of money laundering. The prosecution is based on testimony and documents of former Odebrecht representative in Peru, Jorge Barata, who assured that he delivered the money to Toledo through the accounts of a friend, Peruvian-Israeli businessman Josef Maiman.

With that money, according to the prosecution, mortgages and properties in Peru linked to Toledo were paid through an offshore company.

In a Twitter post Sunday night, without specifying his whereabouts, the former president said he “never ran away, I was not being tried when I left the country”.

“The court in Lima did not request my testimony to assist with their investigation. On the contrary, they accused me of crimes that I have not committed and that the court can not verify, “he said. The former president did not say whether he will return to Peru.

Although Interpol has launched a national alert to locate Toledo in 190 countries, the United States has asked Lima to justify the reasons why it should detain the former president and to have a local judge proceed to request his capture.

“The United States authorities asked the Peruvian prosecutor’s office to state why a US judge should issue an order to arrest the former president. That request for the arrest is in ‘stand by’, waiting for the information to be completed, “Interior Minister Carlos Basombrío told CTN News.

A source in the Public Ministry explained to CTN News that the State Department noticed that some details were missing so that the application could be accepted by a US courts and that it would solve this new requirement in the next few hours.

Without a warrant, Peru feared that the former ruler would travel to Israel, where his wife Eliane Karp has a citizenship.

But the Israeli government, through foreign ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon, said that “Toledo will be authorized (to enter) in Israel only when its pending issues in Peru are solved.”

Peruvian authorities presumed that Toledo had boarded United Airlines Flight 954 that covered the San Francisco-Tel Aviv route and landed at Ben Gurion airport on Sunday night.

“Former Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo was not on the plane that landed at Ben Gurion from San Francisco” Nahshon wrote on Twitter.

Kuczynski thanked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his decision to block Toledo’s entry.

At age 70, Toledo could become the second Peruvian ex-president to go to prison in the last three decades for a corruption charge, after the autocrat Alberto Fujimori, of whom he was a strong opponent at the end of 2000.

Odebrecht, involved in a corruption plot that has affected several Latin American countries, claimed to have paid $ 29 million in Peru in exchange for public works contracts between 2005-2014 during Toledo (2001-2006), Alan García (2006- 2011) and Ollanta Humala (2011-2016).

So far there are three former Garcia government officials in prison for allegedly accepting a bribe of $ 7 million in exchange for favoring Odebrecht with work contracts on Line 1 of the Lima Metro system.

Humala and his wife Nadine Heredia, who are restrained from leaving the country, are being investigated for money laundering and for allegedly financing their election campaign with money from Venezuela and Brazil.

According to documents of the Federal Police of Brazil, Odebrecht delivered 3 million dollars for the Humala campaign as well.


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