Philippines President Duterte

Philippines: 21st September 2017 marks the 45th Anniversary of the Martial Law started out by Former President Ferdinand E. Marcos. This declaration plunged the only Democratic country in Asia to a politically darkened territory. Thrown off by the “People Power” and military support, the dictatorship ended after killing thousands of people who went against him.

To mark the event, thousands of people came onto the streets to protest against the current President Rodrigo Duterte and his emerging dictatorship in the country.

“Never Again”, “No to Tyranny” Posters and Outcry Heard on the Philippines Streets

This was the outcry of the thousands of protesters who had gathered on the streets to demonstrate their thoughts on President Duterte’s ruthless laws over drug-eradication from the country.

Students, Churches, Political Protesters, Govt. Employees, Left Wing Party Activists and more had collected to form a unit to stop the history from repeating itself on this day which saw the beginning of a dictatorship 45 years back at the hands of Marco.

“If we do not remember the past, we are condemned to repeat it. Sadly those who are deceived do not even know that they are walking a doomed path. ” – Vice President, Leni Robredo.

Meanwhile, Duterte has declared a holiday today so that people could demonstrate their protests publicly against him. He had stated that people could also do street shows without Govt. permission and protest as long as they are not carrying arms.

In retaliation of this Anti-Duterte protest, many Duterte admirers also gathered to praise the downright no-nonsense approach of the President to improve the situation of the country.

“Duterte and his security cluster have utilized narratives and tactics straight out of Marcos’s playbook of repression, repeating and justifying rights violations, with increasing frequency and intensity” – Karapatan, Left Wing Group.

“My order is to kill you if you are caught. And I will protect the police who kill you if it is true.” – Duterte to his son

Paolo Duterte, the son of President is accused of being involved in drug trafficking. In a speech Wednesday, the President declared that his family is not above the Law and police could kill any of his children if they are found involved in drugs. Also, he mentioned that he would protect the police himself.

“I said before my order was: ‘If I have children who are into drugs, kill them so people will not have anything to say. ” – President Speech on Wednesday

He also told the same to his son that if he is found guilty of ongoing accusations, he would be killed despite being the son of the President.

“My order is to kill you if you are caught. And I will protect the police who kill you, if it is true.”

Duterte got elected as a President with a promising campaign and a strong policy to eradicate the country and make it drug-free even if it means killing his own children who are into drugs.

As a President, he has declared that he will slaughter more than three million drug addicts if required and spare nobody even if it means killing them if the law allows.

While this may give protesters another reason to call him a tyrant, Pro-Duterte Filipinos feel that he is a representative of the commoners and the only person who can bring about a long due change in the drug-affected country.


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