The latest measurements concur that our planet’s oil and natural gas supplies will be used up too quickly.

At some time between 2017 and 2027 the earth’s availability of gas and oil will fall below the level required to fulfill international demand.

The government is aware that we’re going to endure a devastating global energy deficiency.

In accordance with Doctor James McKenzie, a senior member of of the climate change program for the World Resources Institute inside Washington, USA: “That’s why we went to war in Iraq in the first place.”

We always realized earth’s oil supplies would likely run out at some point. The oil had been formed by natural geological methods that occurred over millions of years.

Oil usage presently exceeds Twenty-five billion drums or barrels each year and every year, as demand from customers continues to spiral upwards, out of control.

The Outcome is Certain

These days we depend on oil (petroleum) and gas for transportation – cars, trucks, vessels, airplanes – as well as electric power.

We cannot survive without oil and gas, and when the availability runs out, the great engine of Traditional western society will finally grind to a total stand still.

Were at risk of an event which will be remembered as one of the great disasters of human history, and yes, our life is going to get way more difficult for ALL people as the day of reckoning draws nearer.



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