Facebook chat was the key to uncover the plan which had Werner Ranferi Sanchez Domingo, 24, runaway from Hollywood, Florida, with a child under 13 with a goal of living with her.

The mother of the minor, who had already warned Sanchez to stay away from her daughter, reported the disappearance of the minor on July 27 last.

The Hollywood Police undertook their search from the morning of that day. All the clues led to Sanchez as the main suspect and were detailed in the indictment files against the man in the Federal Court of Miami.

Photographs of the minor and the man circulated on local news, but the main clues were found by the authorities at the suspects residence: the shirt with which the victim was last seen in, Also, Sanchez’s car was missing.

A receipt from a mechanic shop was also found, as one of the employees where he worked informed the authorities that Sanchez had told him of his plans to move to Ocala, located more than four hours north of Hollywood, also in Florida.

By tracking the suspect’s phone line, the police and FBI agents managed to find the place where he might be: Auburn, Alabama.

The authorities in Florida then contacted the Auburn Police and managed to find the whereabouts of the defendant’s silver Honda, located in the home of a relative of his.

Three days after her disappearance, the child was found next to the man in the family home, but both had changed their physical appearance already, according to the judicial document of the case.

When questioned by the authorities, the minor confessed that Sanchez was her boyfriend and that they had planned through Facebook Messenger to escape from their parents’ house, in Hollywood, to live together, as their parents were opposed to their relationship.

The victim also said that Sanchez picked her up in his car at midnight on the day she was reported missing and they left for Ocala. But, shortly after he found out that the police were looking for him, so he decided to drive to Auburn to prevent them from finding his whereabouts.

Both continued to point-out that they were in love and that their relationship is serious, they planned to get married, have a baby and even live abroad.

Sanchez acknowledged having had sexual relations with the minor and was arrested by the authorities.

The man was charged in Federal Court of the Southern District of Florida with charges related to sexual abuse of a minor, for which he could face a minimum penalty of 10 years in prison and possibly even life imprisonment.

The trial against Sanchez is scheduled to begin November 27th.


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