Anti-Trump rallies on Friday [Sandy Huffaker/Reuters]

Protests on the streets against Donald Trump 

It seems that there is an uproar in many cities in the United States as demonstrators took to the streets to protest the surprise win of Republican Donald Trump on the recent presidential election on Wednesday.

The protesters are condemning Trump’s controversial rhetoric during the campaign period which was mostly about Muslims, immigrants and other groups and races.

In midtown Manhattan, streets were filled with thousands of protesters, making their way to Trump Tower, the gilded home of Trump on Fifth Avenue.

Manhattan Park is also crowded with hundred others who shouted “Not my president.”

According to the police, a demonstration involving 6,000 people that blocked Oakland, California’s traffic. Police in their riot gear were bombarded by objects. They even burned trash right in the center of an intersection, with some setting off fireworks and smashing storefront windows.

In response, the police threw chemical irritants at these protesters. In the downtown area of Chicago, there’s an estimated 1,800 individuals that gathered outside Trump International Hotel and Tower and all chanting phrases against the newly elected president.

Chicago police closed the roads in that particular area, impeding the path of the demonstrators. There weren’t any reports of violence or arrests at that time.

In Seattle, the police responded to a shooting with some victims near the scene of the anti-Trump protests. The police stated that it wasn’t related to the demonstrations. The protesters railed against the campaign pledge of Trump to have a wall along the border with Mexico, keeping the immigrants from entering the US illegally.

Hundreds were also gathered in Boston, Philadelphia, Oregon, and Portland with organizers planning rallies in Oakland, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, California.

A Trump campaign’s representative didn’t respond immediately to the requests for comment about the protests. As the newly elected president, Trump said that he “wants a  united people”.


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